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Pipe Replacement & Repairs

Outdoor pipes

Plumbing in public buildings can take a lot of abuse, particularly in Las Vegas and Henderson where many businesses are in operation 24 hours a day. Pipe repairs, pipe replacements or drain cleaning are inevitable from time to time and that’s when you need to call on Village Plumbing LLC to take care of whatever plumbing problem needs fixing. We are experts at working with cast iron and have replaced deteriorated pipe and fittings for several area restaurants both on and off the Las Vegas Strip.

Bob, the owner, is known as “The Cast Iron King” when it comes to knowledge and experience! He knows what needs to be done and is all too familiar with what is required to work in the under-bellies of restaurants, resort hotel and casino towers. It’s definitely not glamorous work, but Village Plumbing LLC can tell you up front what will be required and what the cost will be. You can count on us to quote a fair price and beat the competition hands down in quality workmanship.

No business wants to be responsible for water or waste damage to property that may be located beneath or beside them, not to mention damage that will interrupt their own business. Problems can be minor or very serious, particularly when it involves and leak in a grease or waste line. These problems need to be handled quickly for public health reasons. You can be sure the plumbers at Village Plumbing LLC understand your concerns and will work with you to correct your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Journeyman and Master Plumbers at Village Plumbing LLC all have the experience needed to work with replacing cast iron, PVC piping, copper and steel. We will always give you the straight talk for what is needed whether it means repairing or replacing a leaky water line or fixture, grease or sanitary waste line, a cracked floor drain, broken fitting or any other plumbing problem.

We are licensed and fully insured for liability, auto and workman’s comp. The experts at Village Plumbing LLC take pride in providing quick response to our loyal, satisfied, repeat customers!

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