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A residential re-pipe can be daunting for any homeowner. Having a leak under the slab of your home can be terrifying and costly news! You may have visions of having to tear up your floors to get it fixed,but the Henderson re-pipe specialists at Village Plumbing LLC can determine exactly where the leak is.

Unfortunately, this is somewhat common in the Las Vegas Valley depending on when your home was built and who built it. With the housing boom, homes were built in a hurry and sometimes by people that may not have been licensed plumbers. With homes settling, faulty fittings can give way and cause a multitude of problems. On the upside, having had a re-pipe done can be a great selling feature for homes in this area.

Water leaking under your slab will cause your water pressure to decrease and you will certainly notice your water bill is higher than usual. Any time this occurs, it is of utmost importance to find out exactly what is going on by calling a plumbing professional. A prolonged leak can cause excessive damage by washing away the dirt underneath your home, causing an unstable foundation.

In most cases, water lines that are leaking under the slab can be capped off and re-routed above your home’s ceiling to reconnect with your fixtures. While it is no easy undertaking, you will have peace of mind in knowing your Henderson re-pipe experts have the experience and expertise required to get it done as quickly as possible and with the best advice.

Call your Henderson plumber at Village Plumbing LLC for an honest estimate. We will always give you the best advice to keep your costs as low as possible and give you the best result.

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