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Gas Lines Installed & Repaired


You should never attempt to repair or install a gas line yourself. Improperly installed gas lines or shut off valves can leak and are extremely dangerous. At Village Plumbing LLC, our trained professionals can inspect your exiting line to ensure it is in good condition and up to code. Do not hesitate to call your Henderson gas line professional any time you suspect you need service! Check to make sure any gas line in your home has a proper shut off valve.

We are always on hand for quick response to your gas line repairs. If you need a gas line installed for a new or relocated hot water heater, stove or dryer, call Village Plumbing LLC for an estimate and the expertise you need for any gas project.

Tired of hauling and replacing dangerous propane tanks? With year-round grilling, why not have a convenient gas line and shut-off installed for your outdoor barbeque!! Our gas line experts have the knowledge and experience to install the right size gas line for your barbeque whether you are putting in a new outdoor kitchen or just relocating your existing grill, we are here to help you enjoy your outdoor time and space.

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