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Water Heaters


residential heater

If you own a home or condo, you can pretty much count on having to replace a water heater at least once. The average life expectancy of a standard water heater is 8-10 years. This is something you use every day, but don’t give it much thought until you don’t have any hot water! There is never any warning and it’s never at a good time. No one likes a cold shower and you will want your Henderson plumber replace your water heater as soon as possible.

At Village Plumbing LLC, we understand the urgency of this situation and are ready to help without taking advantage of an emergency situation. We will always give you a fair price with no extra charge for evenings and weekends.

Any time you are doing any type of bathroom or kitchen remodel, the size of your water heater may also need to be evaluated to make sure it is adequately sized. But you should also not get a water heater that is bigger than you need to keep your energy costs down. These days, virtually all water heaters are going to have an energy star rating for efficiency. They are also well-insulated and do not require an extra jacket cover.

A water heater in an older home will generally need to be brought up to current code and be on a stand with earthquake straps properly attached to the wall. Gas and water lines should be checked by a professional plumber and flex hoses should usually be replaced with new any time you replace your heater. The water in this area is contains hard minerals and can be highly corrosive. Most residences will need either a 40 or 50 gallon heater, but if there are more than 2-3 bathrooms or if there is a Jacuzzi tub installed a lager capacity or even more than one heater may be needed to prevent running out of hot water.


commercial heater

Commercial water heaters are no different than residential when it comes to the maintenance required and the need to replace them at some point. Village Plumbing LLC has the experience and man power it requires to replace both small and large capacity water heaters.

The plumbers at Village Plumbing LLC are ready to respond to any business in need when it comes to replacing a water heater. No business can be without hot water! We have the knowledge and experience and have replaced gas and electric units for area hotels and businesses with capacities of up to 1,000 gallons.

It’s never a convenient time when a water heater goes out and we understand the importance taking care of our commercial customers so they can take care of their customers. Can you imagine staying at a hotel, or going to a restaurant or the gym and discovering there is no hot water? At the very least, it is an inconvenience but in many cases it can be a health issue. Village Plumbing LLC can also inspect your water heater, make recommendations and set up a regular maintenance schedule to avoid any surprises.

Call on Village Plumbing LLC for emergency water heater repairs or replacements and you will not be disappointed. We will always quote you a fair price and get the job done quickly and efficiently so your business doesn’t miss a beat.

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