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Drain cleaning tool

Drain Cleaning and Repairs

More and more in the Vegas valley I’m seeing older homes and businesses, those build in the 70′ s and earlier, with serious drain issues.

I have gone to homes where one or more of the cast iron under slab pipes have collapsed making it impossible to snake them out.

At that point the home becomes unlivable. The floor must be jack hammered up and new, plastic drain lines installed. The cost is considerable as one can imagine.

There is no otherĀ  way to remedy the situationĀ  and people are not prepared for the cost..

Having the drain lines jetted instead of just snaked out once a year can delay this occurrence.

Jetting consists of a high pressure hose inserted into and down the drain which scours the inside of the waste lines instead of just pushing the blockage out.

Jetting can get more of the caustic, rust inducing materials out of the lines so they don’t sit there and eat away at the pipe.

We charge a little more for jetting but it does a better job than snaking.

We have compact jetting machines that can be brought into a bathroom and used to clean out the smallest drains.

Many times we go to a home or business and can find no visible clean outs either because they weren’t put in where they should be or, they are covered up by landscaping.

This makes it necessary to go inside the building and pull up a toilet in order to clean the main line This adds to the cost of the job but there is no other way. Once again the consumer pays more than they need to because of sub par workmanship.

The next time you have a drain stoppage and you call a plumber, ask them if they are going to snake the line or jet it.
You will get a better job with jetting.

If you call Village Plumbing your drains will be jetted.

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