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Early Warning Signs of a Clogged Dishwasher

Many people rely heavily on their dishwasher. You might prefer the dishwasher to washing dishes by hand. Therefore, a clogged dishwasher would be a very frustrating experience. It’s important to recognize early warning signs of a clogged dishwasher. If you notice these signs and respond promptly, most of the repairs are quick, and your dishwasher should quickly return to normal. If you delay, the repairs will cost you, and you might even need a new dishwasher. Call your local plumber immediately to fix any problems with your dishwasher.

Gurgling Sound

If you hear a loud gurgling noise when you run your dishwasher, your dishwasher has a problem. The sound is actually coming from either the main sewer line or the secondary lines and indicates a clog. Call your plumber to inspect your pipes to find out which one is clogged. If you live in Henderson or Las Vegas, NV, our team at Village Plumbing, LLC will come to your house as soon as possible to fix any pipes.

Water Backing Up

The dishwasher connects to the kitchen sink’s water supply line and drain system. If water is backing up into the kitchen sink while your dishwasher is running, your appliance likely has a clog. First run the garbage disposal to see if excess food particles caused the clog. If you continue to have this problem, you’ll need a professional to help you.

Water On The Bottom

If you see water at the bottom of the dishwasher after it ran its cycle, you have a problem. Your dishwasher didn’t drain properly. The usual culprit is food debris clogging up the drainage system. Open the drain basket under the revolving spray arm and clean out any food particles and slime. Also check out the drain hose in the front panel and clean that if needed. Call a plumber if the problem continues, as the dishwasher could have a severe clog.

Slow-draining Dishwasher

If either your dishwasher or kitchen sink is draining slowly, you will find a partial clog located in the kitchen sewer line. Have a plumber fix this immediately before the problem becomes a full clog and more costly repairs are needed.

Dirty Dishes

You might notice your dishes are still dirty after running the dishwasher. Your dishwasher didn’t actually fill up with water because of a clog in either the main or secondary kitchen line.

Call Village Plumbing, LLC

If you need a plumber and don’t know who to call, please contact us. We are highly-trained professionals and can fix any issues your dishwasher may have. We also repair kitchen sinks, toilets, bathrooms, and water heaters. Read the testimonials from fellow residents of Henderson and Las Vegas, and you’ll realize we offer the best plumbing service in the area. We also work seven days a week to help those with emergencies.

We hope you found the tips on early warning signs of a clogged dishwasher informative. Once you notice one of these signs, inspect your dishwasher immediately. The problem will only get worse the longer you wait. If your dishwasher requires more than a simple fix, call a plumber. Choose Village Plumbing, LLC to fix your dishwasher, and your appliance will run properly again in no time.

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