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Effects of Hard Water on Your Home’s Plumbing 

Hard Water- Village plumbing

​You may be wondering about your home’s water pipes and their performance. Plumbing issues arise when we least expect them and can cause major problems. One of those issues is hard water buildup. This buildup can eventually ruin your pipes and cause major damage. In this article, we will tell you more about hard water and how it affects the plumbing in your home.

What is Hard Water?

You have probably heard the term “hard water” before, but you may have no idea what it means. Hard water is water that has an unusually high mineral content. All water has minerals but filtering typically eliminates excess mineral deposits. In the case of hard water, minerals such as calcium and magnesium are plentiful. The mineral buildup eventually produces mineral deposits i.e. scale. The severity of the mineral content is typically rated by a scale.

What Do Mineral Deposits Do?

The mineral deposits left by calcium and magnesium starts to leave residue in the water pipes, household appliances and other surface it comes in contact with. You will notice buildup in areas that you use water in the most such as the bathroom and kitchen. Eventually, the bathtub, sink, shower wall, dishes, etc will be covered in scale. Scale causes surfaces to have a grimy, dirty look. You will find it difficult to remove scale with just soap and water. Water will only cause the surface to get dirtier because it has the excess mineral content.

The pipes will get only get more clogged as time goes on. You will also notice that the water pressure is lower due to mineral deposits resting in the pipes. If the problem isn’t treated, your pipes will get too clogged for usage; no water will be able to pass through. The problem will also get worse with the usage of hot water. Hot water causes the minerals to leave deposits quicker than cold water does. The scale will start to damage your water heater and raise your water and electric bills.

What Happens When You Shower With Hard Water?

Hard water not only causes plumbing problems, it causes problems for your skin as well. The mineral deposits in the water makes it difficult for you to bathe properly. You will have a hard time getting a nice lather from soap and detergents which means you will need to use twice as much water to get clean.

Your skin may be sensitive and react negatively to the water causing you to get a rash or another skin condition. You will also notice that after a bath or washing the dishes, you will “feel dirty.” The water isn’t filtered enough to give you a truly clean feeling.

Contact Your Trusted Henderson Plumbers to Replace Your Pipes

Your pipes must be replaced as soon as you notice mineral deposits. A trained professional from Village Plumbing, your trusted Henderson Plumber, will be able to identify hard water deposits and will work with you to replace your water pipes. Village Plumbing LLC is a plumbing company that specializes in complex plumbing issues such as hard water damage.

Call us today to schedule a consultation and inspection of your home’s piping system. We will provide you with an estimate and will begin working immediately to fix your problem. Contact us today!

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