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Signs that It is Time To Replace Your Water Heater

Signs that It is Time To Replace Your Water Heater, Village Plumbing, LLC, local plumbers in Las Vegas

Water heaters are major investments for any home plumbing system. They heat the water used for washing, cleaning and cooking. In large families, water heaters have to work overtime to accommodate the needs of each member. As time goes on, you will notice certain issues with your water heater. Regular wear and tear will cause the heater to malfunction. Heaters come in a few different energy types: gas, oil, heat pump, solar and electric. Each water heater variation will have its own unique problems that may potentially lead to replacement.

Gas and Oil Heaters
Gas and oil water heaters are commonly found in older homes. These heaters require natural gas or oil to be ignited by a pilot flame to heat the water. These heaters require extra maintenance because they are highly combustible. Flammable materials should be kept far away from oil and gas heaters which can sometimes be difficult. Many water heaters are placed in the same area as the washer and dryer. Gas and oil heaters also require lots of ventilation because they release harmful carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere.
If you have a gas or oil water heater, check to make sure that the pilot light is lit. If it ever goes out, you will need a professional to reignite it. You must also check to make sure it isn’t leaking any gas or oil.
Electric and Heat Pump
Electric heaters use electricity to heat water. The storage tank electric heaters resemble gas and oil water heaters. The only difference is that there is no pilot light. Storage tank electric heaters store heated water for household use. Heat pump water heaters traps heat from the atmosphere and transfers it to the water tank. Likewise, Solar powered water heaters use solar energy gathered from solar panels to heat water. 

Signs You Should Replace Your Water Heater
If you notice leaking, that is a clear sign that you will need to replace the water heater. Water heater leaks cannot be repaired by simply sealing the crack because constant water and heat will render the sealant ineffective.
Hard Water
Another sign for replacement is hard water. Hard water is unfiltered water that is high levels of mineral deposits. The minerals react to surfaces and causes buildup and clogging. Eventually the inside of the water heater will become filled with clumps of mineral deposits and the pipe connecting the water source to the heater will become clogged as well.
Does Your Water Heater Have a Warranty?
Most water heaters come with a 5-10 year warranty. Water heaters can last much longer than this but this is a general rule. Usually you are able to replace a water heater for free or at a reduced price during the warranty. Older homes have water heaters that can be up to 20 years old. These water heaters will cause problems due to old age.

Village Plumbing Can Help
Village Plumbing is a licensed and insured plumbing company that serves the Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada area. Our trained teamed of experts have years of experience dealing with water heaters and other plumbing issues. Call us to schedule a consultation and discuss your plumbing concerns. 


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