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Hard water in drain

How Does Hard Water Affect Your Home?

For most homeowners, there’s nothing more important than protecting their home, and their family, from harm. Out of all the different ways to can defend your home from damage, the most important is keeping hard water out of your house.

Hard water occurs when there are calcium and magnesium deposits in your home’s water supply. If left unchecked, these minerals can seriously damage your home’s plumbing and fixtures among other risks. Learn how hard water affects your home and discover why you should address this serious plumbing problem with help from a qualified professional.

Unsightly Stains

Always keeping your home looking its best is an important job, and this job will be much harder when you have hard water in your home. While not as serious as other effects of hard water, this plumbing issue can result in unsightly, hard to clean stains throughout your home.

The minerals in hard water can cause scaly, unattractive deposits on your sinks, showers,  and bathtubs. They can also leave stains on your dishes and utensils and can cause your clothing and linen to lose their color. The longer you have hard water in your house, the more damaging it will be to your home’s appearance. That’s why it’s important to do everything you can to prevent this issue.

Damage to Your Plumbing

As mentioned in the previous section, hard water can result in mineral deposits wherever water runs in your home. Unfortunately, this mineralization can also occur in your pipes, which can cause a tremendous amount of damage.

It’s extremely common for hard water to cause clogs in your pipes. When these clogs occur, they can interfere with the normal functioning of your plumbing system, reducing your water pressure and limiting the effectiveness of your appliance. If these clogs aren’t removed, they can completely block your pipes, causing them to burst and cost big money on repairs.

Harm to Your Health

When learning how hard water affects your home, you’d be remiss not to examine the different ways that hard water can impact your family’s health.

For starters, because of the high mineral content, drinking hard water can for some people impact normal organ function and has even been linked to cardiovascular disease. Even if you don’t drink hard water, it can still affect your health by causing skin irritation and damaging your hair. When there are dry, itchy spots on your skin, or if your hair has lost its shine, hard water is likely the culprit.

Beat Hard Water

Now that you know how hard water affects your home and possibly and possibly your health, you can address this serious plumbing issue by installing a water softening system. If you’re ready to get rid of the hard water in your home, you need to schedule service from the team at Village Plumbing, LLC.

At Village Plumbing, we know how to handle a wide range of serious plumbing issues, including hard water. We can install a water softening system in your home so that both your plumbing and your family are safe from the effects of hard water. Get in touch with us today to learn about our residential and commercial plumbing services.


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