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Save Water with These Smart Plumbing Tips

Water is a precious resource, and that’s precisely why we should all do what we can to use it responsibly. Thankfully, these easy and simple water conservation and plumbing tips can make water conservation a piece of cake in your household. Start practicing them right now.

Never Use Your Toilet as a Trashcan
Avoid flushing your toilet unless required. Never use your toilet to discard of things. It’s not a garbage can and it’s not a garbage disposal, either. Only flush your toilet when you actually use it. Otherwise you’re just wasting water.

Conduct Plumbing Repairs Quickly
If you have a leaky faucet in your home kitchen or bathroom, don’t ever ignore it. Ignoring leaks is a fast way to waste significant amounts of H20.
Don’t Keep the Water Running While You’re Lathering
When you’re showering and lathering, turn the water off. Don’t run the water again until you’re rinsing the shampoo out of your hair or the soap off your body. There’s absolutely no reason to keep the water going unless you’re rinsing off. If you follow this simple tip, you can conserve a lot of water every year. You can also cut down on your month water bill costs.

Make Your Showers Brief
While long showers can be luxurious and comforting, they’re easy ways to waste a lot of water, and fast. They’re also bad for your skin. If you want to waste even less water while you’re showering, consider getting a low-flow shower head, too.

Turn the Water Off When You Cleanse Your Face, Shave and Brush
Keeping the faucet off when you shower can help conserve lots of water, and so can keeping it off when you brush your teeth, shave and cleanse your face. When you’re massaging a foam cleanser onto your complexion, for example, there’s absolutely no reason to keep the water going. Making a habit to turn the faucet off can save significant amounts of water.

Get a Pressure Reducing Valve
If the water pressure for your residence exceeds 60 pounds for every square inch, it can have potentially detrimental consequences to your plumbing. It can also lead to immoderate water use. Call your nearest water authority to learn your neighborhood’s water pressure. If it’s higher than 60 pounds, get a pressure reducing valve installed to restrict it.

If you want more helpful tips regarding conserving water in your home, contact the plumbing pros at Village Plumbing LLC Company in Henderson, Nevada today. Give us a call at 702-460-8682.

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