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The Top 10 Benefits of Citrus Water Softeners

As the owner of a home or business in Las Vegas, you are likely eager to explore any product that will help you save money, extend the life of your appliances, and preserve our environment. In recent years, citrus water softeners have emerged as one of the best ways to achieve all three of these goals. In addition to their low-maintenance, environmentally-friendly design, citrus water softeners are associated with lower utility bills, soft skin, and, and ease of use. Below is a look at the top ten advantages of citrus water softeners.

1) They minimize corrosion in your pipes and fixtures 

Pipes can corrode over time, especially when long-term use of salt water softeners leads to the buildup of mineral deposits. In contrast to salt water softeners, citrus water softeners eliminate the hard minerals that can accumulate and lead to corrosion in pipes and fixtures. This promotes proper water flow while helping to protect your plumbing from the destructive effects of mineral buildup. 

2) They can be installed quickly

When people learn about the exciting benefits of citrus water softeners, they are often eager to replace their existing systems as soon as possible so they can begin enjoying those benefits. While installation is best undertaken with the precision offered by a certified installer, the installation process can be completed quickly by a skilled plumber. 

3) They are environmentally friendly

An increasing number of Las Vegas citizens are “going green” in an effort to preserve our environment. Citrus water softeners are growing in popularity among environmentally-conscious residents seeking a water softener that is constructed of components that can easily be recycled. Additionally, citrus water softeners operate without discharging hundreds of pounds of salt into the ground, which can disrupt the ecological balance. does not require electricity 

4) They promote softer skin

Dry skin is a problem in Las Vegas, causing a growing number of medical professionals to help residents keep their skin feeling soft and supple. Using a citrus water softener is a great way to help your skin feel softer and smoother. And the efficiency of citrus water softeners enables many users to get by with lower levels of soap and detergent, limiting the likelihood that you will suffer from dry skin. 

5) They extend the life of your appliances and plumbing

Appliances and piping can be costly, as can the process of replacing them. Citrus water softeners such as the nuvoH2O system can help you extend the life of your water-based appliances by as much as 30 percent. This reduction in wear and tear can substantially reduce the need for repairs and replacement.

6) They use safe cutting-edge technology

Today’s leading citrus water softeners feature the latest sophisticated chelation technology that is used by the top restaurants and hotels in the world. This technology is FDA-approved, providing peace of mind to users who rely upon their water softener to promote safe bathing, washing and drinking water. Moreover, innovators in the water softener industry are continually exploring new paths to softer water. 

7) They are easy to maintain 

Unlike traditional salt water softeners, citrus water softeners do not require users to go through the trouble of transporting large bags of salt to their homes or businesses to maintain their systems. Instead, users can easily maintain a citrus water softener by periodically replacing a cartridge. This process can be easily handled by one person and takes about 60 seconds to complete.

8) They have a small footprint

Floor space is a hot commodity for Las Vegas residents. A key benefit of today’s top citrus water softeners is their compact design, with some models such as the nuvoH2O measuring only 5″ x 14″. And if you are among the growing number of Las Vegas residents opting for tiny homes, then you will really appreciate the space saving design of citrus water softeners. 

9) They help you enjoy lower utility bills

High temperatures and 330 sunny days per year are responsible for high utility bills in Las Vegas. Citrus water softeners use significantly less water than salt water softeners, helping to curb water usage. In fact, leading citrus water softeners such as the nuvoH2O use up to four times less water than other types of water softeners. They also operate without electricity, resulting in lower utility bills. 

10) They are cost effective

Every dollar counts when you are maintaining a home or business. Citrus water softeners help you save money because you do not have to spend money on salt and costly maintenance charges. Instead, you simply need to change a cartridge periodically. These savings are in addition to the money saved on your utility bills.

What should you do if you are interested in a citrus water softener?

As outlined above, citrus water softeners offer many advantages. If you are interested in enjoying these benefits, the best step to take is to contact a licensed plumber that is certified to install a citrus water softener. An experienced, licensed plumber will have the tools and expertise required to safely remove your existing water softener and replace it with a proven citrus water softener such as the nuvoH2O. Additionally, an accomplished plumber can lend valuable guidance on maintenance of your system.

Village Plumbing, LLC: Your Trusted Solution for All of Your Plumbing Needs

With over 700 plumbers in the Las Vegas area, it is important to select an experienced plumber that you can trust to install your citrus water softener. For decades, the experts with Village Plumbing, LLC have helped residents and business owners lower their utility bills and extend the life of their pipes and water-based appliances by installing citrus water softeners.

Village Plumbing, LLC is certified to install the nuvoH2O citrus water softener, so you can rest assured that your new citrus water softener is a perfect fit with your home’s existing plumbing system. We invite you to contact us at Village Plumbing to discover why we are Las Vegas’s most trusted plumbers. We look forward to hearing from you and serving as your trusted resource for all of your plumbing needs! 

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