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The Truth About Plumbing: Water Filters & Fluoride

If your house is 25 years old or more it is probably plumbed with copper water lines. The house I grew up in in Connecticut had heavy duty, or L type copper tubing. My father made sure of that. We were on a well system and the water was very good tasting, we never needed a filter or softener.  I wish this was the case in Las Vegas.  Lake Mead water is awful with God knows what in it.  You must have some kind of filter at least on your kitchen sink. You cannot cook with or drink unfiltered water in the Las Vegas Valley…. at least I can’t!

A lot of people are hung up on Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems under the kitchen sink.  These systems are unnecessary overkill. They require filter change outs, there are many little pipe connections that can leak and the tank it uses takes up space and weighs a ton.  They cost $250 to $300 dollars to buy and $200 to $300 to install.

All you need is a single cartridge filter for less than $100 and about $150 to $200 to install. That is all I have under my sink and the spaghetti tastes just fine to me.

I had a guy call me and ask me about installing a RO system under his sink. I pointed out the negatives and he agreed with me.  But he said that he heard that a Reverse Osmosis system was the only system that can remove fluoride from the water.  I responded:  “You mean the stuff they have been putting in drinking water for 80 years to help your teeth?  Why would you want to remove the fluoride?”

He replied:  “The reason they put fluoride in your water is not for your teeth. It’s so they able to control your mind and make you more susceptible to suggestion. The government wants us all to be Zombies!”  Wow!   Sometimes I just can’t even believe what I’m hearing from people.  You can’t make this stuff up!   I told him the government does not have to go to all that trouble, there are millions of people who can’t think for themselves already.  I do not think fluoride is the reason, though. Needless to say, I did not do the install for this customer.

Don’t be sold a bill of goods about RO systems.  All you need to do is get the chlorine taste, odor and sediment out of your water.  A single filter will work just fine. For a proper filter installation for your home or business call the knowledgeable people at Village Plumbing.

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