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Inside of a toliet

Toilets-Repair or Replace

Replacing a toilet is a messy and sometimes expensive ordeal. If you have an issue with your toilet, you will want to deal with it as soon as possible. And whenever possible, repairing the toilet is best, but sometimes toilet replacement is the only answer. There are many common toilet problems and if you have one of them, you can determine whether you need toilet repair or complete replacement.

Your toilet can be repaired if any of the following issues pop up.

-Constant running
If your toilet runs continuously and never seems to stop, the flush valve is likely not closing completely inside the toilet. The other option is that the float ball is out of position. Take a peek inside the toilet tank and check to see that the chain that connects the flush valve is untangled. Try to adjust the float ball so it is halfway submerged. If you cannot fix the issue yourself, you can always call Village Plumbing for help.

-Incomplete flushing
If your toilet does not complete the flush cycle efficiently, the flush valve might not be opening all of the way. One cause of this issue is lack of water in the tank. Take a peak in the tank and see if the chain is broken or loose. Adjust the float ball and get the water level to go about an inch over the overflow pipe. If this doesn’t allow the toilet to flush completely, call a plumber.

-Clogged toilet
When your toilet clogs up, the drain pipe or the trap has an obstruction in the way. This can be a very messy situation that you want to take care of as quickly as possible. Get out a plunger and put it over the bottom of the bowl. Plunge the area and if that doesn’t do the trick, put some dishwashing liquid and a bucket of hot water into the bowl and let it sit for several hours. If the clog persists, ask a professional for help.

-Slow tank fill
If the tank fills up extra slowly, the shut off valve might be loose. You can check the valve handle to make sure it is connected to the wall allowing the toilet to fill to the line. If filling has gradually become slower, the fill line might have to be replaced.

-Water under tank
Take a peak around the tank and find the source of the water. It could be leaking from the feed line or tank bolts. You may have a fix as easy as replacing the washers.

The above problems, while never convenient, can easily be fixed. But there are some issues that require total toilet replacement instead of toilet repair. Here are a few such situations.

-Cracked bowl
If your toilet tank or bowl are cracked, you will have to get a new toilet. The toilet might hold for a while, but eventually the crack will break and that could lead to a flood and major damage.

-Trap Jam
If there is something jammed in the toilet trap and you cannot access it, either from inside the bowl or up from the bottom, you have no choice to get a new toilet. Consult with Henderson Plumbing to make sure even a professional cannot remove the item before you go for total replacement.

You just want your toilet to work correctly every time, but after years of use, something is bound to break or go wrong. Keep these items in mind so you know if your problem can easily be repaired or if you have to resort to toilet replacement. Whether you need a toilet repair or replacement, you can count on Village Plumbing, your Henderson plumber to solve your problem. Call 702-460-8682.

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