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Ways to Conserve Water in the Kitchen

Ways to Conserve Water in the Kitchen


We live in an increasingly ecologically-aware world. People are more concerned than ever with reducing their carbon footprint and doing what’s right for the environment and the planet. Part of this means reducing the natural resources we use. Conserving water is an important part of this, especially in an arid region like Las Vegas.


If you take the right steps, you can reduce the amount of water you use by several gallons every day. Here are ten ways you can save water in the kitchen alone, and where to go for more advice on water efficiency in your household every day.


Conserve Water in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the room in your house where you arguably use more water every day than anywhere else in your home. That also means that it’s important to take all the right steps to conserve water in the kitchen. There’s plenty of room for saving water in this room, from repurposing water to addressing appliance efficiency.


Rinse in a Tub

Instead of letting your water run, consider filling the second bin of your sink, or a plastic tub with clean water to use for rinsing. You can save gallons of water this way.


Vegetable Rinsing

The same thing goes for rinsing vegetables. Instead of running water to rinse them, use a tub or the other side of your sink. Just put the produce in the clean water and use a vegetable brush to get it clean.


Repurpose Used Water

If you’ve used water without salt to cook vegetables, pasta, potatoes or the like, leave it sit to cool to room temperature, and repurpose it for things like watering plants. Reduce, reuse and recycle!


Steam Instead of Boiling

When you cook vegetables, try using a steamer. They taste better that way and they require a fraction of the water that boiling does.


Use Your Microwave

When you’re defrosting food, use the microwave instead of using hot running water. The microwave’s defrost setting will be surprisingly efficient, but if you don’t want to do that, simply prepare in advance and let the food defrost in your fridge.


Don’t Drink Bottled Water

Did you know that manufacturing bottled water uses 1.5 gallons to produce 20 ounces? Instead, you can use your tap water for drinking, and install a water filter to purify it, increase the taste and save both water and money.


Chilling and Heating

Use your refrigerator to chill your water, and use the stove or microwave to heat it, instead of running the tap to get it cold or hot. You’d be amazed at how much water gets wasted from running the tap to chill.


Check Your Sink for Leaks

Did you know that a drippy faucet can waste up to 173 gallons of water every year? Stop those leaks and be more efficient.


Call a Las Vegas Plumber to Install an Efficient Faucet

Current appliances are far more efficient and better able to conserve water. While older faucets put out 5 gallons per minute, the more efficient new ones only put out 1.5 gallons per minute, saving you 3.5 gallons for every minute you run the faucet.


If you’re interested in what a new faucet can do to improve your water conservation in the kitchen, your local Las Vegas plumber can help. Call Village Plumbing for more information today.


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Meta: Discover ten great ways you can conserve water in the kitchen alone, and where to go for more advice on water efficiency in your household every day.



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