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water saving tips for your plumbing

Water-Saving Tips for Your Plumbing

If you’re a cost-savvy homeowner, then you want to ensure that your home is as efficient as possible. This means that you need to make sure you and your family aren’t wasting water. Many homeowners are surprised at just how much money they’re flushing down the drain by being inefficient with their water usage, and that making a few small tweaks can help them save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Here are a few easy water-saving tips for your plumbing that should help you reduce your bills and prevent you from wasting water.

Install New Toilets
Although you may not realize it, your toilet is responsible for a huge portion of the water usage in your home. In fact, there are some estimates that indicate your toilet can account for 30 percent of the water used in your home, and this percentage can massively increase if you have an older, inefficient toilet.

An older toilet may use as much as 3.5 gallons of water per flush, wasting a large amount of water. To correct this issue, you can install a new and efficient toilet that only uses 1.28 gallons per flush. Over time, this will save you a shocking amount of money on your monthly water bills.

Think About Your Shower Time
When you wake up in the morning, there’s almost nothing more enjoyable than a long, hot shower. While a shower is a great way to start the day, it may also be costing you a great deal of money. Making some small adjustments to your morning shower routine can help you save both money and water.

First, try to limit your showers to ten minutes or less. Any longer than ten minutes and you will be wasting a large amount of water. Secondly, you can reduce the amount of water your shower uses by installing a low-flow shower head. These tweaks will make your shower time both refreshing and cost-effective.

Fix Your Plumbing
Out of all the different ways that you can save water in your home, fixing leaks in your plumbing system is the most effective. Even small leaks can waste gallons of water, making a big impact on your monthly water bill.

If you’re interested in saving as much water as possible, you should contact a local plumbing service to examine the plumbing system in your home and check for leaks. Primarily, they should check your faucets and toilets, which are the two most common water leak sources in a home. Ensuring that your plumbing system is leak-free will help you save water.

Contact a Plumber for Water-Saving Tips
Making sure that you are using your home’s water as efficiently as possible is a great way to lower your water bills so that you have more money in your pocket. If you want to choose the most effective water saving tips for your home, you need to consult with the experienced plumbers at Village Plumbing, LLC.

Village Plumbing is a family-owned plumbing service that works with commercial and residential clients in Las Vegas and Henderson. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to help make your plumbing system more efficient so that you can save money. Contact us today.

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