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Water Softening Systems: Salt Filtration vs. Salt Free


Hard water should be a concern for homeowners everywhere. When your home experiences hard water, it can result in mineral deposits in your pipes that can cause long-term damage and expensive repair bills. In order to prevent hard water, many homeowners choose to install a water softening system. However, before you can install a water softening system in your home, there is one important decision that you must make: to choose a salt filtration or salt free system.

Both of these systems have their advantages, and learning more about each can help you make the right decision for your home. Read about salt filtration and salt free water softening systems and discover which option is the better choice for your Las Vegas home.

Basics of Salt Free Systems
Perhaps the biggest benefit of using a salt based water softening system is that they are extremely effective at removing calcium, limescale and magnesium. By removing minerals from the water in your home, salt based water softeners can help to preserve your plumbing and eliminate the risks of hard water spots.Salt free water conditioners, on the other hand, are not as effective at preventing mineral build-up. This is especially true for areas of your home where water is prone to sit, such as in a water heater. However, salt free systems tend not to use as much water as salt filtration systems.

Why You Should Use a Water Softener
Now that you know a little more about the benefits of both salt free and salt filtration water softening systems, it’s a good idea to learn why you should consider using a water softener in the first place. As mentioned, water softeners can help preserve your plumbing system over time, but the advantages of softening your home’s water don’t end there.

For starters, water heaters that experience hard water can lose nearly half of their efficiency over their lifespan, costing you a great deal of money. Similarly, hard water can cause shower heads to experience reduced flow rate. Finally, when you use a water softener, you won’t need to use as much soap to clean your dishes and your clothes.

Do Your Research
If you’re still trying to decide between a salt filtration or a salt free water softening system, it’s important that you do your research.

First, try to find out how likely it is that your home will experience hard water. If your risk level is low, then a salt free system may be the better option for you. Second, you should consult with a Henderson or Las Vegas plumber. A good plumbing professional will be able to tell you which system is right for your home and will advise you on your options for installation.

Doing your research will make sure that you pick the water softening system that is right for your home’s needs.

Get Help Installing Water Softening Systems
Whether you’re interested in a salt filtration or salt-free system, you need advice and help from an experienced plumber. Install your water softening system today with help from the team at Village Plumbing, LLC.

Village Plumbing professionals can examine your plumbing system and tell you whether a salt free or salt filtration system is right for you. Schedule an appointment with Village Plumbing today.

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