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Ways to Reduce Stress on Your Pipes

Ways to Reduce Stress on Your Pipes

Like every major system in your home, your plumbing will experience a great deal of wear and tear over time. Eventually, due to its age and daily usage, your plumbing can develop problems like leaks, which can cause serious water damage in your home. Fortunately, you can protect the health of your plumbing and your home by following a few easy tips to reduce long-term stress on your pipes.

Learn how you can reduce stress on your pipes and find out why you may need to schedule maintenance from a dependable plumbing service in Henderson.

Reduce Water Pressure

Most homeowners love living in a house that has high water pressure, which ensures your appliances run well and that you always have a great shower. However, water pressure that is too high can cause serious problems in your plumbing system, and may result in damage to your faucets, joints, pipes, and valves.

If you want to reduce the amount of stress your plumbing experiences over time, then you need to limit your water pressure. First, measure your pressure either by using a hose bib gauge or by contacting a local plumbing service. Ideally, your water psi will be between 40 and 85. If your psi is above 85, you will need to control it using a pressure regulator.

You should also be certain that you don’t make the mistake of installing a low-flow shower head to help you reduce pressure. While low-flow shower heads can help you save money on your monthly water bills, they will have no effect of the water pressure in your plumbing system.

Install a Water Softener

Hard water is another long-term threat to your plumbing system. When your home experiences hard water, it means that your water has a high mineral content, which can easily lead to sedimentation in your pipes. After a certain point, this sedimentation can impede water flow and may also result in corrosion throughout your system. This means that softening your water is an effective solution to reducing stress on your pipes.

Before you attempt to soften your water, you should inspect your fixtures to see if you are actually experiencing hard water. Look for warning signs of hard water, such as calcification of your shower heads and faucets. If your home is on a well system, you will need to have your water tested to decide what types of minerals are in your water supply.

If you detect hard water in your home, the most effective solution is installing a water softener. Because water softeners come in different sizes, you may need to consult a professional to make sure you’re picking the right softener for your home.

Reduce Stress on Your Pipes with Help

If you want to avoid expensive repair bills and prevent water damage in your home, you need to protect your plumbing from long-term stress. Fortunately, you can reduce stress on your pipes very easily when you work with Village Plumbing, LLC.

The team at Village Plumbing is proud to offer services to customers from Henderson and Las Vegas, and we can help you maintain your pipes well into the future. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial and residential services.

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