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Knowing When It’s Time for a Residential Re-Pipe


The plumbing in our homes is often an afterthought, working unnoticed until there is a problem. Most times when there is a problem with your pipes, you simply get them repaired. However, at a certain point, your pipes will need to be replaced. A lot of factors go in to deciding the pipes in your home. Many homeowners are unfortunately unaware of when it’s time to install new pipes. Read on find out how to know it’s time for a residential re-pipe and find out how to hire a residential plumbing expert to handle the job.

Look for Changes in Your Water
The biggest indicator that there is a problem in your pipes that might merit a re-piping is the quality of your water. If you pay close attention, your water will display a few tell-tale signs that new pipes are in order. First, if the color of your water is tinged red, this is a large sign that there is a problem with your piping, Secondly, if your water comes out with an unpleasant odor of any kind, this usually means your pipes are corroding and need replacement. Finally, a drastic decrease in water pressure throughout your home usually signifies a large problem with your pipes. If you see any of these problems with your water, contact a residential plumbing expert to find out if you need a re-piping.
Pay Attention to the Signals Your Pipes Are Sending
Many people don’t know this, but your pipes themselves will give off signals that it’s time they are replaced, some subtle and some not. Visible leaks warrant further investigation, because they can mean a larger overall problem with your piping. You should also periodically check your pipes for any evidence of corrosion, which can escalate quickly and require an emergency re-piping. Last, but certainly not least, listen to your pipes for any unusual noise. A few sounds are fine, but loud banging whenever you use your plumbing usually means you’re looking at having to re-pipe your home.
Is the Temperature Always a Little Off?
Temperature control is important in a plumbing system, but sometimes we take it for granted. Pay very close attention to your plumbing’s temperature control, because this can be one of the clearest pointers that you need new pipes. If your water is unable to maintain its temperature, or if its affected by things like a flushing toilet or a faucet being turned on in another room, then you should seriously consider undergoing a re-piping. Your plumbing expert should be able to examine your piping and let you know if there truly is a problem, or if it’s an issue somewhere else.
Contact a Residential Plumbing Expert

Re-piping your home can be one of the most daunting experiences you have as a homeowner, which means you need someone on your side who knows what you’re going through. To get a residential plumbing expert who will handle your job professionally and compassionately, hire Village Plumbing, LLC. We are a family owned and operated business with over three decades of plumbing experience serving the communities of Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada, and we would be proud to serve you. Contact Village Plumbing today to find out how we can help with your re-piping.
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