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A Plumbing Checklist for Homebuyers

Buying a new home is one of the biggest, most exciting decisions that you will make in your entire life. However, because a home is such a huge investment, you want to make sure you’re spending your money wisely, which means you need to check every home you’re considering from top to bottom, including its plumbing!

A home without a quality plumbing system can pose a variety of problems that may end up costing you big money on repairs, which is why checking your potential home’s plumbing is crucial. Here is a plumbing checklist for homebuyers that will help you ensure the home your buying has the proper plumbing system you deserve.

Flush the Toilets

If you’re like most homebuyers, one of the first places you’ll check in a home you’re thinking about buying is the bathroom(s). While you’re checking the bathrooms for their size and features, you can also test the house’s plumbing by giving the toilet a flush.

By flushing every toilet in the house, you can detect a variety of plumbing issues, including toilets that won’t stop running and those that have a weak flush. If the toilet(s) possess a strong flush and stops running quickly, it’s a good sign that the plumbing system is in top shape.

Check the Size of the Pipes

Dealing with low water pressure can be extremely annoying, especially if you’re someone that values their morning shower. One of the biggest causes of low water pressure is pipes that are too small, meaning checking the size of the pipes in a home can let you know if it has the right plumbing system for your preferences.

Examine the Water Heater

Examining the water heater is another important item on your plumbing checklist for homebuyers. When you’re touring a home, you should ask your realtor to show you the water heater. First, you should examine the exterior of the heater for signs of damage, particularly corrosion. Second, you need to ask your realtor how old the water heater is and when it last received maintenance.

Avoid Lead Pipes

To make sure your family stays healthy, it’s important that the home you buy has a clean water supply. When you’re examining the plumbing system of a home you’re thinking about buying, you should find out what from which material the pipes are made. You should avoid any homes with lead pipes, as lead in water is extremely dangerous, particularly for children.

Help with Your Plumbing Checklist for Homebuyers

Before you buy a new home, you should make sure it possesses a quality plumbing system, and the best way to work through your plumbing checklist for homebuyers is working with the team at Village Plumbing Henderson, LLC.

Our plumbing experts can examine the system in the home you wish to buy and tell you whether it provides the quality that you deserve. We proudly serve residents of Las Vegas and Henderson. Contact Village Plumbing today.

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