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mold and scale on old bathroom walls

Preventing Bathroom Mold

If you’re the type of homeowner that likes to keep their bathroom spic and span, then you’re probably aware of the risks of mold. When mold starts to grow in your bathroom, it can be extremely difficult to remove, meaning the best idea is to keep mold out in the first place.

While it takes a little bit of effort, you should be able to successfully prevent mold from growing in your bathroom and protect your home from damage. Follow these great tips to prevent bathroom mold so that you can keep your bathroom clean and family safe while avoiding the possibility of expensive repair bills.

Regular Cleaning

The most effective way to prevent bathroom mold is to make sure that you are regularly scrubbing your bathroom clean. When your bathroom is clean and germ-free, it makes it much harder for mold to start growing.

First, you should be sure that you’re dusting or wiping down your bathroom at least once a week. Mold uses dust as a food source, so by removing dust from your bathroom, you’ll be starving mold and its spores. Second, you should regularly spray your bathroom will all-purpose cleaner, which can kill germs that promote mold growth. Finally, you should regularly clean your shower curtain, keep your towel hanging, and rub down your mirror and other surfaces.

Get Rid of Moisture

The reason mold is so quick to grow in bathrooms is the presence of excess moisture. When there is standing water present in your bathroom, mold can easily grow, meaning keeping your bathroom dry is a great way to stop mold in its tracks.

You should look for drips or leaks in your bathroom and fix any drips or leaks that you locate. It’s also a good idea to remove any items from your tub or shower that can hold moisture, including washcloths, loofahs, or bath toys. After you’ve finished showering or bathing, you should take a squeegee and wipe away any leftover water and if you use a squeegee with an attached sponge you should periodically replace it as the sponge can also become a source of problems.

Applying fresh grout to your bathroom once a year can also go a long way towards removing moisture and preventing mold growth.

Adding Ventilation

Making sure that your bathroom is properly ventilated is another great way to stop mold from growing.

Keeping your exhaust fan on while you’re showering, and right after you have finished, will promote faster drying and will reduce the amount of steam in your bathroom. You can also open your bathroom window to let in fresh air and promote drying even further. Keeping a small dehumidifier in your bathroom is another effective way to promote ventilation and keep mold out of your bathroom.

Prevent Bathroom Mold with Help

If you follow these simple tips, you should be able to easily stop mold from growing in your bathroom. To get help repairing drips or leaks so that you can prevent bathroom mold, choose the plumbing professionals at Village Plumbing Henderson, LLC.

We can find the leaks in your bathrooms that may cause mold and can fix them quickly. The Village Plumbing team can also provide you with regular maintenance so that your plumbing works the way that you need and deserve. Schedule service with us today!

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