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Water Conservation: Part of Life in the Nevada Desert

We’re heading towards the hot summer months. It is so important here in the Nevada desert to keep water conservation in mind. Even though we have seen a higher amount of rainfall, all of us Henderson and Las Vegas residents need to be vigilant when it comes to conserving our precious resource. It’s not all about conservation. It’s also about your safety, your health, and your money when it comes to water leaks.

Catch the Leaks Before the Problems Rise

Water leaks around the home and office should never be ignored, and it’s vital to take the time to look for them. Just as our United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends, taking time each year to look and fix leaks will help avoid the multiple problems that can negatively affect your health and your wallet. Our mission is to help you get into an annual routine of hunting for leaks before big problems arise. 

As reported by the EPA “Fix a Leak Week” page, “the average household’s leaks can account for nearly 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year, and ten percent of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more per day.” So, where should you look? 

The Obvious Places 

  1. Let’s start in the bathroom and kitchen, where our water must flow. We know that not everyone is a do-it-yourself handyman, and that is why we do what we do, and we’re always happy to be of service. While showerheads and faucets can be easily fixed, toilets and bathroom plumbing may be the main source of water leaks. 
  1. Discoloration of your walls is a BIG sign that your plumbing pipes may be leaking, and there are dangers besides water damage when water is leaking within your home’s structure.
  2. Outdoor leaks at your faucets and irrigation system (if applicable). 

The Not-So Obvious Place – The Roof

Since we do not get a lot of rainfall here in the Henderson/Las Vegas areas, water in our roofs may not even come into our minds. It’s another place to check for water damages. When we do get rain, you don’t want it gathering in your attic, as found on Angie’s List. You can have a multitude of problems from a leaking roof. 

The Safety Factor: Water Leaks Can Cause Electrical Fires 

Not only does water damage cause a multitude of problems in the attic, one of those problems can result in an electrical fire. Yes, a fire. As we mentioned earlier, discoloration in your walls and ceilings is a sign of a possible water leak, most likely from your pipes. Again, electrical wires can be in the line of water dripping from any leaking pipes. 

While we are on the subject, we want to share one more reference to help you be better prepared against electrical fires, as found on As this article reports, “electrical fires are tricky to put out.” Be sure you don’t “run the risk of electrocution” by trying to use water to extinguish. 

How Water Effects Reacts on Electrical Wires

Now, let’s review what water does when it comes in contact with electrical wiring as found on Hunker. As noted, water “can corrode wires or, even worse, send an electrical current into your body if you touch it.” How does water effect “unexposed” versus “exposed” wiring? Keep on reading.

Unexposed wires are those wires that are safely insulated, or wrapped, with a nonconductive plastic coating. Inside the safety coating, you find “a copper ground, a live wire, and a neutral wire.” If water should BRIEFLY come into contact with a non-damaged wire that doesn’t expose the inner three wires, everything should be okay. As reported, the wire and the socket and plug (if applicable) needs time to dry.” 

Exposed wires are not securely wrapped in a safety coating, and you can see the ground, live, and neutral wires. As stated, not only is rusting a problem around the copper grounding wire, but a fired is possible. “Moisture can rapidly increase the current in the circuit.” Again, you must never touch an exposed, live wire that is, or has been, in contact with water. 

Flooding can lead to a hazardous situation. If you have experienced any type of flooding, and it’s visible that your walls are saturated, any wiring in the area, visible or nonvisible, could be damaged and a hazard. “Turn off your electricity immediately and call for a properly qualified electrician.” If the flooding is caused by a burst pipe, be sure to turn off the water too, and call the team at Village Plumber. Here are just a few more tips to keep in mind, and the main one is to make sure you know where your main water shut off valve is located. 

The Health Factor – Allergies, Headaches, and Much More

Not only do you want to keep your home’s or business’ plumbing and wiring maintained for safety, but there are also many health complications that can be avoided. Found on Harcourt Health, you will see that pipe leaks and clogged drains “irritates asthmas and allergies,” can cause “headaches, anxiety, and stress,” deliver “dirty water,” create “mold and mildew exposure,” and lead to “disease-carrying pests.”

The Money Factor – Head Off Expensive Repairs

As a homeowner or business owner, take time to look around for any water leaks and be proactive as soon as you notice something that may be a problem. The best way to head off big problems is to set up routine inspections with dependable and trustworthy professionals. You will save money in the long run. It’s always better to have preventive maintenance done rather than repairs on failed plumbing fixtures and pipes. Don’t forget the hazards of electrical fires from exposure to water.

Village Plumber, LLC – Reliable Service You Can Trust

Not only do we pride ourselves to offer personalized service, but our plumbers are also registered journeyman and master plumbers who offer the highest quality for every plumbing need. We want to offer fair and honest service. On nights and weekends, there is never an extra charge.  

Give us a call when you need dependable plumbing service, or you want to learn more about us. It is always an honor to hear from customers, old and new.

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