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Water Softeners: A Citrus Solution to Las Vegas Hard Water

The Source of Las Vegas Water

It is always a good idea to know the source of your home’s water supply. For anyone who is not familiar with the Las Vegas Valley Water District, you can learn more about where your home’s water originates. On this local site, you can also learn what flows in the Las Vegas water supply. As you will learn, the water for Las Vegas is “categorized as “very hard.”

The Problems of Hard Water

When water is declared as hard, it simply means that there is “calcium and magnesium” found in the water. These two minerals are not known to be a severe health risk, but more of a nuisance than anything. The higher amounts of the two minerals increase the degree of hardness. While hard water affects your laundry, dishes, and plumbing fixtures, there can be more worrisome effects on you and your family.

Hard Water Effects on Skin and Health

If you have hard water, you will notice that your soaps do not lather well. It is reported that hard water may affect people in different ways, as found on the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“Dermatitis” is a possibility which can be caused by the “combination of hard water and soap.”

“Clogged pores or itching and flaking skin” are other irritating conditions that can occur due to these “minerals drying on the skin.”

“Kidney stones” are the more serious concern that is possible, and it is reported that “more than 3/4 of kidney stones are generally composed of calcium.” Calcium is reportedly one of the “environmental and nutritional factors that cause kidney stones,” along with “dehydration and a diet rich in animal proteins.”

As this article recommends, a water softener is what helps soften the Las Vegas water that flows through your pipes. Although a salt-based water softener is recommended, we believe there is a better solution to tackle the Las Vegas hard water.

Sodium-Based and Potassium-Based Water Softeners

A water system not only makes your skin feel better, but you are also protecting your home’s plumbing pipes and fixtures. You will extend the life of your plumbing system by lessening the corrosion caused by hard water.

Sodium-based salt systems can also cause corrosion in your water heater, pipes, and fixtures. If you think about how salt affects our cars and roads, it is easier to understand how salt can affect your home’s pipes. Salt systems are also not environmentally friendly, and you end up with unwanted sodium in your water and in the waste that flushes out of your home’s sewage pipes.

For anyone who must watch their sodium intake, a potassium water softening system is an alternative. Beyond potassium-based water softeners, there is another alternative that delivers superior water quality.

The nuvoH20 Water Softener System: A Healthy Alternative Using Citrus

The nuvoH20 system is an innovative solution to tackling the Las Vegas hard water issues. Because this water softening system uses citrus to remove the hard minerals, it delivers the quality water you want for your family. The system works by lowering the pH of the water, and minerals are not able to build up.

Not only does it condition your water to help keep your family healthy, but it also keeps your pipes and fixtures free from corrosion. We, at Village Plumbing, LLC, highly recommend this system for the quality water it produces, and it is both environmentally and user-friendly. The system’s cartridge requires periodic replacement, and it is easy to do yourself.

You’ll never buy salt again. Just change the cartridge. It takes 60 seconds and lasts 6 months.

Extends the life of your appliances. It’s a proven fact- the nuvoH2O system can add up to 30% to the life of your water-based appliances.

No slimy shower water. nuvoH2O doesn’t use salt, so you feel fresh and clean after every shower.

You’ll save on utility bills. The nuvoH2O system uses up to 4x less water than others and requires no electricity.

Save on space. Starting at 5″x14″, the nuvoH2O system has a tiny footprint, so you’ll save valuable floor space.

Eco-friendly. nuvoH2O doesn’t waste any water, doesn’t require electricity and only contains recycle-friendly components — making it healthier for you, your family and the environment.

Learn More About the nuvoH20 System

You can learn more from the “Frequently Asked Questions” at nuvoH20. Whatever your concerns or questions may be, our team at Village Plumbing, LLC is here to help you know everything we know about the nuvoH20 system. It may look so simple, but it’s an excellent alternative to ridding your pipes of the damaging, hard water that flows in the Las Vegas water supply.

Installation of the nuvoH20 System

Although you may find that you may believe you can hand the do-it-yourself installation, it’s not always as easy as it appears, and we will expertly install your nuvoH20 system that will leave you worry-free. Any water softening system requires cutting pipes, and the type of pipes you have is important to the tools you will need. Not to mention the proper location that you will want to install your citrus system.

Village Plumbing, LLC: The Professionals to Expertly Install the nuvoH20 System

If you don’t know us yet, we hope you will learn more about our team, and find out what our customers are saying. We pride ourselves on high-quality service, and we strive to give customers a great price that works well within their budgets.  

We have installed the nuvoH20 system for many of our customers, and they are reportedly happy with the results, especially with the ease of the maintenance homeowners should do to keep their system efficiently running. This system is highly effective. We are certified installers for nuvoH2O, and we can easily replace any existing system. Let us give you the peace of mind that you want when you’re working with your home’s plumbing system.

To help you save money, you can order this product and replacement cartridges directly from the manufacturer at You will be happy you selected this simple, hard-water solution system. And, you will be happy Village Plumbing, LLC did the install.

We’re here to answer your questions, and we look forward to helping you get the quality water you will love.

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