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What to do when your toilet is overflowing

What to Do When Your Toilet is Overflowing

​Most people expect the plumbing system in their home to work flawlessly, which is what makes it so troubling when you encounter an unexpected plumbing problem. While there are several different ways your plumbing system can malfunction, one of the most stressful is having your toilet overflow.

When your toilet overflows, it’s common to experience feelings of panic, particularly if you don’t know how to get the water to stop. Fortunately, there are some easy solutions to fixing an overflowing toilet that will reduce your stress and protect your home from damage. Here are some tips to help you fix an overflowing toilet, including getting emergency service from an experienced plumber.

Shut-Off Valve
The moment that your toilet starts overflowing, your primary goal should be to get the water to stop. Luckily, this can be accomplished in several simple ways. The easiest, most effective solution to get your toilet to stop running is to use the shut-off valve.Generally, the shut-off valve will be located somewhere along the water line. Follow the water line until you locate the shut-off valve, and then turn the valve until the water stops flowing. Unfortunately, in some homes, the toilet shut-off valve will be located behind the wall, which means you won’t have access. If you can’t find the valve, you will need to move on to the next solution.Inside the Toilet
If you are unable to reach the shut-off valve in your home, then you will need to try and stop your overflowing toilet by looking in the tank. For example, if the flapper in your toilet, which looks like a small rubber disk, is all the way open, closing it so that it is flush with the floor of your tank should stop the water from flowing.

If the flapper is already closed, then you should move on to the float ball. The float ball is a small rubber ball that floats in your tank and keeps it from filling past a certain point. Take the float ball, and raise it to the very top of your water tank. This should shut off your toilet. Either prop up the float ball or have someone else hold it until you fix the issue causing your overflowing toilet.

An overflowing toilet is typically caused by a clog. Once you’ve stop your toilet from overflowing, you will need to remove the clog to restore normal functioning. If the clog is small enough, you should be able to remove it using a plunger. Larger, more difficult plugs will require an advanced tool like an auger, which is also called a plumbing snake.

If you’re having trouble removing the clog on your own, you will most likely need to schedule emergency plumbing service.

Get Help to Fix an Overflowing Toilet
While you can fix an overflowing toilet yourself, the easier solution is hiring a professional plumber, which is why you need to work with Village Plumbing, LLC. Village Plumbing offers effective residential plumbing services, and we do not charge extra for emergency calls. If your toilet is overflowing, the team at Village Plumbing can fix it quickly and limit damage to your home.

Contact Village Plumbing today to learn how we can fulfill your plumbing needs.

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