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Main water and sewer lines

When is it Time to Replace Main Water and Sewer Lines

​Your home is a major investment. Not just in the purchasing process, but also in keeping up with any needed repairs. This is especially true when it comes to the water and sewer pipe lines in your house, which can rust and decay over time. Not repairing your pipe lines can lead to flooding or sewage that can cost thousands to fix.

But how do you know the right time to get these lines repaired? It can be expensive and time-consuming to exchange the old pipes for new ones, so it is a process that many people don’t want to do until it’s completely necessary. Learn how to identify signs that mean it’s time to replace your main water and sewer lines, and where to find the best pipe replacement in Henderson.

​How Long Do House Pipes Last?
Knowing the type of plumbing you have in your home will play a major role in determining the amount of time you have before they need to be replaced. This can be done via a home inspection report or a plumber. Typically, there are two types of pipes that should be monitored:●Supply pipes, which are most likely to cause water damage due to high amounts of pressure. These can be made with brass, galvanized steel (both of these lasting 80-100 years), or copper (with a 70-80 year lifespan)
●Drain lines, made from PVC (typically lasting 25-40 years) or cast iron (lasting 80-100 years)The lifespan and health of your pipe lines depends largely on how the pipes are maintained and which water system your house has. In order to properly gauge the health and performance of your pipe lines, they’ll have to be regularly monitored to detect changes.Warning Signs
Checking the pipes in your home should be a yearly process, especially if the house is 60-years-old or older. Pipes in basements, utility rooms and crawlspaces should be inspected every year. The biggest items to look for are signs of corrosion within the pipes, including discoloration, stains or flaking. In addition, keep an eye out for any leaks. Even if it’s a small one that can be easily repaired, it could be an indicator of potential problems down the line.

The color of water in your bathtub can also tell you about the state of the pipework in your house. If the water comes out brown or yellow, especially after a long trip where the pipes are dormant, it can be a sign of rust within the pipe lines.

How To Replace Pipes
When the time comes to switch out your pipes, it’s best to have a trusted plumber complete the work, as well as provide a second and even a third opinion on the pipes in question. There are two methods for replacing pipework: you can replace the pipes that are already exposed, which, while more expensive, is easier for a plumber to reach. The second option is to replace them as part of a remodeling project. As the plumber will be onsite if the renovations are to a kitchen or bathroom, it will give them an easier time to get to those pipes that would normally be harder to access.

Pipe Replacement in Henderson
Replacing the pipes in your home is a thorough process. With the help of a reliable, licensed plumber, it can be made much easier. If you are in need of pipe replacement in Henderson, call Village Plumbing, LLC. We handle residential plumbing services throughout Henderson and Las Vegas. For more information, call (702) 460-8682 today.

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